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Gif-filled Halfway Review of Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare

Okay! So, finishing up my thesis means not a lot of time for reading right now, but I have started Cassandra Clare's Lady Midnight which I have been waiting patiently for ever since it was announced. And although I'm sad this book isn't about The Mortal Instruments characters, I'm also excited to read about these new characters. Since I'm about halfway through I thought I'd do a quick review in the form of gifs. Here we go.

When I first bought the book I was so excited. I walked into Barnes and Noble and had a copy on hold. As soon as I saw the book I was like

And of course, the first thing I did when I got home was take the book out of the bag and smell it. Because books are what I hope heaven smells like.

And then I realized that even though I wanted to read it ASAP, I still had a lot of thesis work to do. So I got to editing my thesis and was writing and revising as fast as I could.

When I finally was able to start the book, I began taking it with me everywhere so I could read EVERY SECOND I wasn't busy with something else. It ended up looking a lot like this:

*Note: I did not attend any sporting events or Triwizard Tournaments with my book.

And now I'm halfway through the book and it took me about 100 pages to get really invested in this book (thesis things may have also had something to do with that) but now I am so in love with these new characters. And even though I know Emma and Julian aren't supposed to be together, we all know that they're eventually going to be like this

Well. Kind of. Emma has blonde hair and neither of them were ever mermaids, but they're on beaches a lot (since this one takes place in LA) and this is just how I picture it.

Okay. There you go! Full, much less gif-filled review coming as soon as I finish the book!

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