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Beach Reading

I read *a lot* while I was on vacation this past week. It has been so long since I took a vacation, and even longer since I was at the beach for any more than a few hours, so I wanted to enjoy every minute of it. To me that includes beach reads.

While packing for the week, I couldn't decide which books to bring. There were over 10 titles I wanted to bring with me, but I also didn't want to over pack. So I packed 7. And 4-6 more e-ARCS that I loaded onto my Nook before we left. So maybe I need to work a bit on my impulse control.

I felt I had been in a reading slump recently, because it felt like every book was taking forever and I hadn't felt deeply connected to a book in a while. But really I just needed the time to relax, recharge, and let myself read as much as I wanted to! I spent hours each day reading, thoroughly enjoying every book I read. I also spent plenty of time with my family, and of course was on the beach nearly every day, but in all my downtime I could be found curled up on the wicker armchair (my favorite spot of the week), or outside on the deck, listening to the white noise of the waves and devouring each book as fast as I could.

I set myself a goal of reading a book a day, and while that was very ambitious, I very nearly made it. I got through six- and-a-half books while on vacation. I am certainly out of my reading slump, and feel like I fell in love with books all over again. I just needed to give myself the permission to make reading a priority. And it worked.

Here are my beach reads of 2019. Reviews can be found on my Goodreads page and you can follow along with my 2019 reads here.

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